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Updated 9 April 2010

Jim Carroll's published ouvre includes literary works, recordings, and films. In the index below, the main headings link to broad overviews for individual categories, while the subcategory headings link to more detailed subcategory overviews (where you can also order items online). The subcategory indexes link to details about individual works.


This section covers written work by and about Jim Carroll, divided into the following subcategories:

Limited Editions & Broadsides

All of the items on this page are extremely rare. (Broadsides are "posters" featuring, usually, a single poem.)


Translaions of Jim Carroll's books around the world.

Music & Spoken Word

This section covers recorded works by Carroll, divided into the following subcategories:


This page links to lyrics for all of Carroll's songs (including collaborations with other artists), cross-linked to detail pages about individual albums.

Articles & Poems

A small collection of Jim Carroll's writings available full-text on this website and elsewhere on the Web.


This page provides a brief overview of each film. Where available, I have provided online ordering links and links to additional information.


These pages center on hard-to-find, rare, and collectible Jim Carroll works.

Adaptations & Covers


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