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Limited Editions & Broadsides

Updated 25 August 2009

The publications described on this page are "limited editions"-- all of them are extremely rare. I have attempted to describe the salient features and provide an image whenever possible. If you're hoping to purchase these items, try eBay and bibliofind.

River Jordan (2001)

River Jordan exclusive (2001)
Designed and printed by Laura Mendoza, this broadside features Carroll's previously unpublished poem "River Jordan" illustrated with a hand-set linoleum cut drawing in blue ink. The text of the poem is set by hand using a manual printing press, with brown ink on fine sepia-colored paper (approx. 8.5"x15"). Limited to 151 copies total: 75 are numbered and signed by Jim Carroll, 75 are unnumbered, and one copy is handwritten by Carroll.
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Valentine (1996)
A limited-edition (250 copies) 8.75"x5.75" pocket folder containing poems by 18 artists, with each poem printed on colored construction paper. Carroll's poem (published as "Valentine" in Void of Course) is printed on a thin, blue strip; he composed the poem by circling words and phrases in the editors' query letter then numbering them to specify arrangement.
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8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain (1994)

8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain

Published in Heaven Poster Series #13
White Fields Press (1994)

Broadside printed on 11"x22" white, glossy stock paper illustrated with a black and white photo of Carroll. Issued in limited editions of 26 signed/lettered copies (a-z) and 100 signed/numbered copies, plus a limited trade edition.

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Poem, Interview, Photographs (1994)

Poem, Interview, Photographs

Published in Heaven Chapbook 50
White Fields Press (1994)

This 8.75"x5.75" chapbook is printed on white, glossy stock. It includes "8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain" (Rpt. in VoC 1-5), an interview with Carroll by Danny O'Bryan and Mark Reese, and photographs from Carroll's reading at Twice Told Coffeehouse in Louisville October 1, 1994. Issued in a limited edition of 300, with 26 signed/lettered copies and 100 signed/numbered copies.
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A Poet Dies

Walker Art Center Reading Series 1980-1981
Toothpaste Press for Bookslinger (1980)

Carroll's is one of 20 broadsides issued for the Walker Art Center Reading Series. All copies are printed on varying shades of Canson Mi-Tientes paper; "A Poet Dies" is on maroon-colored paper. There were 125 numbered and signed copies (the copy shown here appears to be #50), with 54 complete sets of the signed/numbered edition presented in a white Fabriano folder; the label on the cover is by Al Buck. There were also 26 complete sets, lettered and signed, presented in a grey fabric-covered box.
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From NYC Variations

Yanagi Broadside Series
West Coast Print Center (1977)

This broadside, designed by Marc Blane and Louis Patler, is printed in red ink on grey paper, and is illustrated with a photo of Marc Blane's sculptured red clay images (which also illustrate the Tombouctou edition of The Basketball Diaries). Measures approximately 17" x 11."
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Adventures in Poetry (1973)

"A Window in Cherry Valley"

Adventures in Poetry (1973)
Mimeographed 8.5"x11" pamphlet containing one poem each by Jim Carroll and Lewis MacAdams, and cover illustration by George Schneeman. It was printed to promote a reading at the Poetry Project in New York. "A Window in Cherry Valley" is Carroll's work.
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4 Ups and 1 Down (1970)

4 Ups and 1 Down

Angel Hair Press (1970)
Five poems in a mimeographed eight-page, limited edition (300 copies) pamphlet. Includes "Blue Poles," "Love Rockets," "Styro," "Poem on My Son's Birthday," and "To a Poetess"; all of these are reprinted in Living at the Movies. The cover art is by Donna Dennis. There were 13 special copies, numbered 1-13, with a piece of hair and signatures of the author and artist.
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Organic Trains (1967)

Organic Trains

Penny Press (1967)
This 17-page pamphlet contains 18 poems and is Carroll's first book. It has a grey, staple-bound, card-paper cover and measures 8"x5.5" Approximately 500 copies were printed.
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