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Updated 15 August 2009

Performance reviews are arranged in reverse chronical order and include both professional and "fan" reviews. The newest additions are PDFs. If you have ever seen Jim Carroll perform live, please send me your review!

University of Florida(Gainesville, FL), 22 March 2005
Review by Lindsay Taulbee, Independent Florida Alligator Online (added 3/26/05)
Download PDF or visit the site

Middle East Club --Downstairs (Cambridge, MA) 12 February 2005
Preview by M. Patricia Li, Harvard Crimson(added 3/26/05)
Download PDF or visit the site

Lucky Dog Music Hall (Worcester, MA) 9 June 2004
Review/blog by Duncan Arsenault(added 3/26/05)
Download PDF or visit the site

Lion's Lair (Denver, CO) 20 July 2002
Review by Matthew L. Howell (added 3/26/05)

Meeting Jim Carroll by Chad Kushins

Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 15 August 2001
Review by Rainabird

The Paris Review Summer Revel, Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage (Brooklyn, NY), 13 June 2001
Review by Cassie Carter

Tune Inn (New Haven, CT), 19 May 2001
Review by Sarah

The Cooler (New York, NY), 12 May 2001
Review by Cassie Carter

The Middle East (Cambridge, MA), 28 March 2001 and
Suffolk University (Boston, MA), 4 April 2001

Review byDerek

Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ), 14 March 2001
Preview by Louise Thach, The Hudson-Current
Review by Kevin Toledo

Shim Sham Club (New Orleans, LA), 7 February 2001
Review by Herman Snell
Review by David Kunian

Columbus Theater (Providence, RI), 3 February 2001
Mini-Review by Kevin Deleo

Van Dyck Restaurant and Brewery (Schenectady, NY), 7 October 2000
Preview by Norman Kee

Southwest Texas State University (San Marcos, TX), 12 September 2000
Review by Tim Inklebarger, The Daily University Star. HTML | PDF (added 3/22/05)
Cover: download PDF (added 3/22/05)

The Bottom Line (New York, NY), 9 September 2000
Review by Cassie Carter
Review by Tracey J. Moosa

Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 22 April 2000
Review by Steve Charland

Magic Stick (Detroit, MI), 15 January 2000
Review by Christian

Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI), 14 January 2000
Review by Holly Bedard, The New Hampshire Online

The Bottom Line (New York, NY), 13 November 1999
Preview in Time Out New York
Review by "Kevin"

University of Montana (Missoula, MT), 8 November 1999
Review by Nate Schweber, Kaimin Online

Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR), 2 October 1999
Jim Carroll and Band
Review by Craig Giffen
Review by "ladytaz"

Hothouse (Chicago, IL), 8 May 1999
Review by Frank DiCostanzo & Michael Workman
by J. A. Carpenter

Y-Not II (Milwaukee, WI), 7 May1999
20 Photos by Doug Krimmer
Review by "Kevin"

Missouri Southern State College (Joplin, MO), 17 March 1999

University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN), 16 February 1999
The Sophomore Literary Festival
Review by J. A. Carpenter

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church (New York, NY), 6 February 1999
Burroughs Word Virus Celebration

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church (New York, NY), 1 January 1999
The New Year's Marathon
Review by
by Shane S.

The Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 18 November 1998
Review by Karina Ioffee, FishWrap Live (UC Santa Cruz)

Crocodile Cafe (Seattle, WA) 17 November 1998
Jim Carroll with band
by Patrick MacDonald for The Seattle Times
Interview by Jackie McCarthy for Seattle Weekly
Best of 1998 article from Seattle Weekly (excerpts)
Review by Hope Lopez for Earpollution
by Tom Wear
Photos by Tom Wear
Review by Dan Bober

The Bottom Line New York City, 12 November 1998
Jim Carroll with his band from Pools Of Mercury
by Gail Ames
by Bob Baurkot

The Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 18 November 1998
Review by Karina Ioffee, FishWrap Live

Mama Kin Music Hall (Boston, MA), 7 November 1998.
by Matthew J. Herper

Borders Bookstore (Philadelphia, PA), Friday 30 October 1998
 Tin Angel (Philadelphia, PA), 30 October 1998
Preview article from Philadelphia Weekly.

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church (New York, NY), 7 October 1998
Jim Carroll with Darius James
Review by Shane A. Scaglione
Reviews by Amme Willowson, Claire Podulka, and Cassie Carter

Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, MA), 9 May 1998
by Jaime Beebe

Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK), 21 April 1998
Review by Cary Aspinwall, The Daily O'Collegian HTML | PDF (added 3/22/05)

Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ), 18 March 1998
by Laurie Pine

Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI), 20 February 1998
Magic Stick (Detroit, MI), 21 February 1998

by MacKenzie Wilson, State News
by MacKenzie Wilson, State News
Review by Eric Jackson
Review by Ryan Malkin, Michigan Daily Online

Wheaton College (Norton, MA), 11 November 1997

Little Brothers (Columbus, OH), 8 November 1997
Promotional poster
Review by Aaron Beck for the Columbus Dispatch.
by Craig Fitzgerald

First Avenue (Minneapolis, Minnesota), 27 September 1997

Performance of Allen Ginsberg's Howl on WFNX 101.7 FM (Boston, MA), 18 July 1997
from the Boston Phoenix

Mama Kin (Boston, MA), 12 July 1997
Jim Carroll and Richard Hell
by Kerry Roper-Clouten

Jim Carroll and Lenny Kaye
by Mira Shin

The Opera House (Toronto, ON), 20 June 1997
Jim Carroll and Richard Hell with Groovy Religion
by Cathy
Review by Aaron Albert
Review by Mary-Anne St-Onge
from Mushroom Entertainment

Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 20 April 1997
by S. Kevin Wojtaszek

Modesto Junior College (Modesto, CA), 18 April 1997
by Shelly Fell

Brownies (New York, NY), 12 April 1997
Multiple-artist benefit for Tom Clark
from Babel-list (the Patti Smith listserver) and Chuck Struensee.

Jim Carroll and Lenny Kaye, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), 3 March 1997
by Jade Chang
Review by Cassie Carter

Iron Horse (Northhampton, MA), 2 December 1996
by Norman Kee, The Source (Albany, NY)

University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS), 15 October 1996
by Jeff Ruby at

Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA), 11 September 1996
by Suzanne Howard
Narrative of a personal encounter by Liz Kato

Black Cat Club (Washington, D. C.), 24 August 1996
by Brett Anderson

First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN) 18 June 1996
Thanks to LaVerne Kraklau for the following:
Audio clip from the show (90 seconds / 969 KB).
Here's LaVerne's ticket stub

Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI), 7 June 1996
by Kari Jones, Michigan Daily Online

The Cotton Club (Atlanta, GA), 13 April 1996
Review by Michelle Webb
Here's an autographed ticket stub contributed by Jerry Leveillee

40 Watt (Athens, GA), 12 April 1996
by Kati Baugh'

Iron Horse Music Hall (Northampton, MA), 12 March 1996
by Tracy Sloan

Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH), 20 February 1996
by Brandon Wray
Preview by Jack Buehrer
Photos from the performance
View BGSU's info page

University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY), 29 January 1996
Attended by 950 people!
by Paul McDonald
by Sophie Gentry

CSU Fresno (Fresno, CA), 28 November 1995
by Jim Ward for the Collegian.

New York University (New York, NY), 26 October 1995
A poem by Amy Spencer in response to the performance.
A poem by Steven Grin in response to the performance.

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ), 27 September 1995
by Cyndi Gentile.

University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK), 25 September 1995
by Ryun Patterson
Review by Derek Wilson. HTML (external) | PDF

Tin Angel (Philadelphia, PA), July 1995
by J. Gilday.

Chico State University (Chico, CA) April 28, 1995
Review by Tricia Ireland PDF | external link (added 3/22/05)

MTV's Unplugged: Spoken Word, 1994
"MTV, in Free Verse: 'Word' Pushes at Poetry's Borders,"
a USA Today review of MTV's Unplugged: Spoken Word program, which featured Carroll's reading of "8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain."

The Backdoor / San Diego State University (San Diego, CA), 13 November 1987
by Cassie Carter

The Paradise (Boston, MA), 29 September 1987
Ticket Stub
belonging to J. Matthew Martin

St. Mark's Church, 1984
"Walk It & Talk It"
, by Toby Goldstein, Creem. Review of a spoken-word performance by Carroll and Lou Reed.

California Theatre (San Diego, CA), 15 May 1978
"Patti Smith Show Hurt by Chaos,"
a review by Robert P. Laurence of the Patti Smith concert in San Diego at which Carroll gave his first performance as a rock star.

[Some of the college show reviews are available in this PDF]

If you attend a Carroll performance, I invite you to submit your review for publication on this page.


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