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Jim Carroll: Bibliographies

Updated 28 August 2009

My research on Jim Carroll began with a bibliography. Bibliographies are lists of sources that you can use to locate articles and other materials in a library. An annotated bibliography includes summaries or descriptions of the materials. My 1990 bibliography (first in the list) is the authoritative source; the other bibliographies are based upon it.

Jim Carroll: An Annotated, Selective, Primary and Secondary Bibliography, 1967-1988 Bulletin of Bibliography 47.2 (1990): 81-112
This was the first scholarly article published about Jim Carroll. It is an annotated bibliography that covers works by and about Carroll up to 1988.

Jim Carroll: A Primary Bibliography, 1967-1998
This bibliography updates the original bibliography by including works by Carroll (almost) up to the present.

Jim Carroll: A Secondary Bibliography, 1969-1996
This bibliography updates the original bibliography's list of works about Carroll.


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