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The Basketball Diaries

The Book

Information about all the various editions of The Basketball Diaries, with photos and descriptions.

Important Places
These interactive maps of Manhattan point out important Jim Carroll locations with links to photos and descriptions.

Characters in the book
1968 Trinity Yearbook -- Pages from Jim Carroll's senior yearbook.

List of all the characters
who appear in the book.

"Bobby Sachs"--"Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old . . ."

The Film
Information about Scott Kalvert's 1995 film.

Scene-by-Scene Guide

Jim Carroll's comments

Problems with the Film

Another fan's perspective

Stage Adaptations

Pascal Ulli's Stage Adaptation
Information about Pascal Ulli's stage adaptation performed at the 2001 New York International Fringe Festival.

       Photo-essay about the production

       Pascal Ulli: (external link)

       Interview: Pascal Ulli with Brad Balfour and Cassie Carter

       Theater Program: Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries

       Review: Dan Bacalzo,

       Review: Michael Criscuolo,

       Review: Robin Eisgrau,

Review: Les Gutman, CurtainUp

Information, articles, and commentary dealing with the shootings in Kentucky and Colorado, bannings, and other controversies associated with the book and film.

Stories from Dennis Driscoll
Dennis grew up in Jim Carroll's neighborhood in Inwood during the period of The Basketball Diaries.

First Shot

Sour Grapes

Fun with Acid

Denny's O.D.


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