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Jim Carroll Contact Information

Updated 7 October 2009

To contact the webmaster (Cassie), go here, but read this page first! If you want to contact Jim Carroll's official representatives, I've provided the information you need here. Please be sure to read my tips!


Do not contact me about publishing requests. Instead:
TRANSLATIONS / ADAPTATIONS: If you wish to translate or adapt a work by Jim Carroll, you will need to contact the William Morris Agency.
REPRINT REQUESTS: If you want to reprint previously published work by Jim Carroll, contact Rosemary Carroll.

Media / Press

PHOTOS: If you need publishable photos, go here.
BIO: If you need biographical information, the Research section of this site offers a huge virtual library of professionally-written biographies, feature articles, bibliographies, interviews, primary works, academic studies, reviews, and more.
REVIEW COPIES: To get review copies of Jim Carroll's books, contact Viking Penguin.  To get review copies of a Jim Carroll album/CD, contact the record company.

Music / Film / Stage Adaptations & Licenses

MUSIC LICENSING: If you wish to cover a song by Jim Carroll or otherwise license published musical work by Jim Carroll, contact the Harry Fox Agency.
PROMOS/REVIEW COPIES: If you need promos/review copies of Jim Carroll's albums/CDs or films, contact the record label or film publisher.
FILM: If you want to adapt a Jim Carroll work to film, contact Rosemary Carroll.
STAGE: If you want to adapt a Jim Carroll work for the stage, contact Rosemary Carroll.


COPYRIGHT PERMISSIONS: If you wish to use Jim Carroll's work in academic work (teaching, publication, etc.), read the FAQs on this subject first. If you need to obtain permission, contact Rosemary Carroll.

RESEARCH: If you are conducting scholarly research on Carroll's work, refer to the Research Help Desk FAQ.
DESK COPIES OF BOOKS: To get review copies of Jim Carroll's books, contact Viking Penguin

If you are unable to find the contact information you need on this page, email me.


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