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Collecting Jim Carroll

Updated 25 August 2009

This page is for those of us who enjoy the challenge of collecting all of those hard-to-find Jim Carroll items -- like first editions, broadsides, translations, out-of-print albums, bootlegs, translations, ephemera, and memorabilia.

I've found the best places to find such items are eBay and Bibliofind, which is now part of I've also recently found some great sources for really rare memorabilia and ephemera, including Wofgang's Vault icon(more later, after I've had more time to check out the others). The links you just read should take you to the appropriate search results on the sites. (If these links stop working, please let me know!)

Be aware, when searching various sources for collectibles, that there are several Jim Carrolls. You will find lots of stuff by our Canadian friend Jim Carroll (who is a fan of our Jim Carroll), a novelist named James Carroll, a sports figure named Jim Carroll, a journalist named Jim Carroll, a jazz scholar named Jim Carroll, and a singer named Jimmy Carroll . . . among others. In general, if the item is not listed on this website, it's probably one of these various other Jim Carrolls. However, when in doubt, ASK ME! A number of times, people have emailed to ask me about stuff, and I have checked it and discovered an item I didn't know about. Please, just dont' BUY any questionable items until you ask me.

Sometimes people advertise stuff that is not what you hope it is. I've run across a lot of forged materials, fake autographs, etc. Sometimes it's not easy to recognize these things. This site has a lot of examples of Jim Carroll's signature. You can use these examples to check what you're thinking about buying, but, well, fakers can also use them to forge autographs. When in doubt, send an image of the item to me and I'll do my best to advise you.

Here's a brief overview of collectible items. Follow the links for details.

Collectible First Edition Books

All Carroll first editions have collector value. The rarest (and most valuable) first editions are:

Books Gaining in Collector Value

Collectible Limited Editions & Broadsides

All Carroll limited editions and broadsides have high collector value. Click here to view a page devoted to limited editions & broadsides.

Hard to Find Books


Carroll's books have been translated into many languages. Check out the Translations section of this website for details.

Rare Recordings & Videos

Visit this page to learn about rare recordings and videos. In addition to the recordings listed are the following rarities:

Out of Print Albums

While they don't yet have much collector value, out-of-print albums are must-haves in the Jim Carroll fan's collection. They include:

Hard-to-Find Films

Go here for an overview of Carroll's films. Here are the hard-to-find ones.

  • Curtis's Charm (John L'Ecuyer, 1995)
  • Poetry in Motion II (Ron Mann, 1995)
  • Listen to the City (Ron Mann, 1984)
  • Gang of Souls (Maria Beatty, nd)

Memorabilia & Ephemera

Collectible memorabilia includes t-shirts, buttons, posters, photographs, magazines and newspapers containing articles by/about Carroll, and so on. Ephemera includes stuff like concert/reading promotional flyers, ticket stubs, etc. For some examples, see the Artwork, Autographs, & Artifacts page and the Promos, Posters, Etc. section. A good source for memorabilia & ephemera is Wofgang's Vault .icon


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