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Jim Carroll in Photography

Updated 3 January 2009

These are hard-to-find books that contain photos of Carroll.

Angels, Anarchists, and Gods
Angels, Anarchists & Gods
Published: 1998
By: Christopher Felver
Publisher: Louisiana State University
Description: I haven't seen this book, but Felver has shot many fantastic portraits of Jim, and this book contains at least one absolute classic.

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The Love Book
The Love Book
Published: 1995
By: Robert Rosenheck
Publisher: Macmillan
Description: Rosenheck takes pictures of celebrities holding up a "love" sign. Carroll is photographed with Allen Ginsberg.

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Resistance to memory
Resistance to Memory: Portraits from the Seventies
Published: 1998
By: Gerard Malanga
Publisher: Arena Editions
Description: Includes portraits of Carroll from the Warhol era.

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Future Pop
Future Pop: Music for the Eighties
Published: 1983
By: Peter L. Noble
Publisher: Musson
Description: Includes a photograph and, for some reason, a brief comment by Carroll about John Belushi (who was a friend).

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