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Jim Carroll's Collaborations with other Artists

Updated 4 January 2009

Crackup at the Race Riots

A Crack Up at the Race Riots
Published: 1998
By: Harmony Korine
Publisher: Main Street Books
Description: Includes (uncredited) collaborations with Carroll on fictional suicide notes, including "Letter from Tupac Shakur #2, to a Nineteen-Year-Old German Fan, July 1992." Also has a blurb from Carroll: "The new heir, the man, the sweet edge of the future."

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On the Level Everyday
On the Level Everyday: Selected Talks on Poetry and the Art of Living
Published: 1997
By: Ted Berrigan; Joel Lewis, ed.
Publisher: Talisman House
Description: An interesting collection of transcribed "talks" given by Berrigan. Includes "Discussion Appropos Songwriting and Poetry" with Jim Carroll.

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