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A Jim Carroll Chronology

Shit Into Gold: Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries and Forced Entries

This chronology was compiled in 1990. I include it here for archival purposes only. For accurate dates, please refer to the current version of the chronology here.

c. 1962     Begins keeping basketball diaries

c.1966     Begins attending St. Mark's poetry workshops; begins writing Organic Trains

1967     Organic Trains published; six poems published in The World

1968     Begins The Book of Nods; eight poems in The World; two in Paris Review; two diaries in World and Adventures in Poetry

1969     Three poems in Yale Lit; two in Angel Hair; three in World; "The Distances" in Poetry; two in Paris Review; one diary in World; reading for Dial-A-Poem; World Anthology published; Berrigan article published

1970     Four poems in World; one in Paris Review; one in Penumbra; one diary in Paris Review; 4 Ups and 1 Down published; collaborations with Bill Berkson [typescript], Carter Ratcliff, Peter Schjeldahl; Another World published; "From the Book of Nods" (not included in the book) published in World

1971     Twelve poems in World; one diary in Ant's Forefoot

1972     Fifteen poems in Chicago; Dial-a-Poem released

1973     Eight poems in Chicago; two in Stone Wind; six in World; one in Adventures in Poetry; selection from The Book of Nods published; Living at the Movies published; Rolling Stone feature

1974     Moves to Bolinas, California; two poems in Big Sky; "The Bees" published (revised as "Quality" in BN); Disconnected released; Carroll moves to Bolinas; two reviews of Living at the Movies; included in Contemporary Authors

1975     Seven poems in Big Sky

1976     Two poems in Transatlantic Review (one from The Book of Nods)

1977     Four poems in Little Caesar; one in a Yanagi Broadside (BN); one diary in Little Caesar

1977-78    Forms Jim Carroll Band with Amsterdam; collaborates with Allen Lanier (of Blue Oyster Cult)

1978     Marries Rosemary in Reno, NV (9/15); Basketball Diaries published (Tombouctou)

1979     Returns to New York to sign a deal with Bantam for The Basketball Diaries; plays demo tape for Rolling Stone Records

1980     On tour with the Jim Carroll Band; "A Poet Dies" (BN) published in two broadsides; Catholic Boy released; Basketball Diaries republished (Bantam); two reviews of BBDs; four concert reviews/previews; three reviews of Catholic Boy; two cover stories in BAM and Newsweek

1981     On tour with the Jim Carroll Band; no primary works; nine features/interviews; six reviews of Catholic Boy, four concert reviews

1982     Dry Dreams and Life is a Killer released; one feature, one concert review, five reviews of Dry Dreams

1983     Three poems in Long Shot (two versions of "A Poet Dies" from BN); You're a Hook released; Poetry In Motion released

1984     I Write Your Name and Better an Old Demon than a New God released; four reviews of I Write Your Name, one review of a reading with Lou Reed

1985     "NYC Variations" in Paris Review; Tuff Turf released; two reviews of Book of Nods, one review of Better an Old Demon than a New God, one review of Tuff Turf soundtrack

1986     The Book of Nods published; two reviews of Book of Nods

1987     Forced Entries published; Basketball Diaries reissued; six reviews of Forced Entries; two combination reviews of FE and BBD; on reading circuit

1988     No primary publications; feature in Elle; on reading circuit; reviews of two poetry readings

Copyright 1990 Cassie Carter. This material may not be reprinted except by permission from the author.


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