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A World Without Gravity

Best of the Jim Carroll Band

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People Who Died
Work Not Play
Differing Touch
It's Too Late
Wicked Gravity
I Want the Angel
City Drops Into the Night
Dry Dreams
Jealous Twin
Plain Division
(No More) Luxuries
I Write Your Name
Love Crimes
Catholic Boy
Day and Night

Liner Notes

The liner notes include a statement by Carroll plus an extended essay by Lenny Kaye. Carroll writes:

This rock 'n' roll period '79-'85, it was a dream time. Like some major aboriginal walkabout, I was moving on some music memory, just following the song-lines. Instead of underground water holes beneath me, revealed by thermal changes of body and soul, I found riffs and lyrics. A great band pulled up in a VW Bus and I hopped in.

It was a high that nobody could put a whack on. It took two or three years before we even relized we were fucking entertainers.

Obviously, this dream walk was notall cake walk, for myself or the band. Silent points of disintegration will not be touched on here. Who cares, and who has a clue anyway . . . the past comes up on you too fast for answers; only the music's recorded.

And everyone who played in the band burned to put it out, in the studio and on the stage.

I can't capsulize the songs, music-wise . . . lyric-wise. Actually, I suppose I could, but I beg to be spared the task. Besides, I coudn't do it any better than anyone else in possession of this package. I've always tried to make the lyrics (as with poems) just imagery abstract or evocative enough for anyone's take on them to be totally correct. Since they were written in a five-year fugue-state, there's no time limit.


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