1968 Trinity School Yearbook
Jim Carroll, Class of 1968

"In the memories of most Jim will loom as the lithe basketball player who gave Trinity four consecutive winning seasons and remained an annual "All-Ivy" choice. But Jim has other talents besides agility which he values just as highly. A surprise friendship with 'Beat' poet Allen Ginsberg is the key to Jim's other life as a creative writer. The first of the class of '68 to be published, he will gladly sell you a copy of his slim volume of verse, together with a set of notes for the esoteric subject matter [The Basketball Diaries?]. Service to the Muse has not prevented him from laboring for the S.V.S.O. or from slavery to an attractive young actress [probably Linda Cambi]. A most unusual canvass preserves Jim's likeliness for posterity, but as yet it is private showings only."

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